A group of highly motivated activists work for years with the goal of exposing the true face of the Nordic fur industry. They sneak into hundreds of fur farms.
When their images are publicized it causes media feasts and public outrage, year after year. However, the industry always strikes back. Nothing changes.
A new approach is needed. So, psychologist Frank Nervik tells the fur industry that he plans to become a fur farmer. He asks for training.
Nervik is accepted as one of them, and starts learning the trade secrets. Without anybody knowing, he films his training with a hidden camera.


Director: Ola Waagen
Script: Bjarte Mørner Tveit, Torstein Grude, Ola Waagen
Producer:  Bjarte Mørner Tveit/ Piraya Film (NO), Torstein Grude/ Piraya Film (NO)
CO-Producers: Peter Engel, Nadja Nørgaard Kristensen

Produced with support from:  
The Norwegian Film Institute/ Kristine Ann Skaret
Fritt Ord/ Bente Roalsvig
Filmkraft Rogaland/ Sigve Endresen
NRK Brennpunkt/ Odd Isungset
The Danish Film Institute/ Helle Hansen
Danish National Broadcaster/ Erling Groth
Piraya Film
Electric Parc

STATUS: release NRK Dec 9th 2015. Danish release TBA.